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Besides the Quantum defender, Diend Driver, Skull Magnum, Ichigan Buster, LioBlaster, ixa calibur, and the Gaburevolver, are there any other guns from Kamen rider, Super Sentai and Power Rangers that you love?

The Gokai Gun which I got for Christmas. I’ve wanted to get a Mousou Saber from Gaim and I’m still looking for a Chrono Blaster from Time Force. I’m also hoping to find a Surviblaster from Boukenger, it’s just a neat gun. There are more I’m sure but those are the ones that are off the top of my head.

Back in the Monday Night Wars, did you watch Raw or Nitro? Especially during the NWO craze.

Are you kidding? I flipped back and forth. I couldn’t watch just one. Sometimes I would tape one just in case i missed something good.

so with the blood moon last night I have to ask... Are you the new century king?

Nope, no cyborg-like powers, no midgets in white robes trying to chase me

do you think your faiz review may come out some time during April?

Hopefully. Scripting and editing takes awhile though. I like to be thorough.

I thinking in a joke for future reviews, for a accidental "homo moment" (between two guys) you put Akiba yellow line of "is to moe, I can´t breath"

Maybe, I dunno though. I got some nasty mail for making some gay jokes about Ban and Hoji. I’ll think about it.

I respect the original series of SEED, but mostly it's the most believable. SEED DESTINY is...(bangs his head on a wall, repeatedly), stupid. Shin is just an insane jerk.

Agreed. So bad it’s pointless.

Cue the Clarence Boddiker line from Robocop (original). Also, there is a new Gundam series coming out next year based on the original series. Amuro is still the first badass pilot, but nothing to Trowa, Domon, and Setsuna.

I’m more of a Kira guy myself. Yea I like SEED.

I guess you like Heavyarms because of the massive amount of guns and missiles?

You guessed correctly.

Thanks for the repairs. Just started listening to the latest Ranger Recap.

Not sure who really fixed it but you’re welcome