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You were right Rager. TNA is getting removed from Spike TV.

Good riddance to bad wrestling.

- Rager

Hello EZ-Rider. I would like to know, what do you personally think of the Inves from Kamen-Rider Gaim so far?

I like the Overlord designs a bit more than the Inves monster designs. Something about these Overlords just scream Kuuga and Agito.


Ok @ZackSnyder she looks the part. Good job!! Now make sure she beats some ass!!

Love it! I think they got her just right. Can’t wait to see the amazon in action!


Ok @ZackSnyder she looks the part. Good job!! Now make sure she beats some ass!!

Love it! I think they got her just right. Can’t wait to see the amazon in action!

Zyuranger coming (unadapted) to the U.S?

Well the fansub may never die but it just took a huge knee to the gut today. Zyuranger was officially announced to be released, here in the states, legally on DVD, by Shout Factory. Why is this a bad thing? One could make the argument that they are doing this to bank on MMPR nostalgia (which explains why Yuuta Mochizuki also is coming stateside for Morphicon) or it could be a one-shot deal and they don’t release ANY more series. As a friend of mine pointed out it’s all probably to milk us gullible fans for more money. It also means people from GUIS and TV-N who did good jobs subbing this series will have to take their subs of it down but that’s a nitpick. I may have to take my review down but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Worst case scenario.

The good side? LEGIT TOKU IN THE U-S-OF-A! Let’s be serious here. I know a lot of us, myself included, would have preferred something different like Jetman or maybe even Gokaiger but before people bitch and moan this is a small victory for Toku Faithful everywhere. Baby steps. Fight the battles you can win. Let’s look on the bright side here. I’ll probably get it to support the toku cause and I hope you will as well. And with that I open up the floor to you, the Toku Faithful. Your thoughts/concerns/complaints?


With the rejection E-mails going/gone out, it’s a good time to remind people that there are other review and original content sites out there for you to find, Join (when possible), and get help and peers to improve.

TGWTG gets the most viewtraffic, and for someone struggling…

Nice to see some love for RVT from these guys. =)

Hello EZ-Rider. Garage-Pro TV (the makers of Gun-Galiber) are making another hero-project, called Hayate: The Ninja Hero of Asakusa, and unlike their last project, this one’s more aimed at kids. Here’s the video, enjoy=^w^=

What are your thoughts on Kamen Rider Drive (supposedly) passing up a motorcycle in favor of a car as his primary mode of transportation? Do you think there will be a reference or two to Black RX, the last Rider who had a car?

Maybe, but that Shift Changer looks quite similar to a ToQ Changer. I think having a car won’t really change anything because riders barely ride their bikes anymore. Seriously. When was the last time you saw Gaim riders use their Lock Vehicles? =/

What has Bandai done now?



They’re changing the color of Dricera on the US version of Kyoryuzin (I guess they’ll call it the Dino Charge Megazord or something) from Pink to Purple.

Reason being (Supposedly) that “It’s a boy’s toy, and Pink is a girl’s toy color.”

Which is a load of absolute bullshit, because Kyoryuzin was a boy’s toy back over there, and kids aren’t going to not buy a kickass t-rex robot with  drill arm just because the drill arm is pink. 

Bandai Japan already is skeevy enough, but BoA is pulling crap that even makes -me- feel bad for PR fans (no female Ranger Keys until immense complaining, for example, and now this.) 

Jesus Christ we already had this problem with Kyoryuger and not having a yellow and the reason behind that, and now this is that to another whole level, and on top of that, changing Dricera to purple, nullifies the chance of their being a violet, the other female member of the team as well, at least probably. That’s such bullshit it’s almost unreal.

With this and the whole thing with Chroma Squad, Bandai of America can go fuck themselves. Saban as well. Holy shit.


What is your biggest Guilty Pleasure?

The DiC dub of Sailor Moon. I know a lot of moonies can’t stand it but I love going back and watching it. It’s a terrible dub, I won’t lie, but it has something about it that I cannot hate. Not just nostalgia, just….something I can’t put my morpher on. It’s hard to explain.

Which Batman Arkham game is your favorite so far?

Arkham City. I haven’t played Origins yet though.